# Version Description Release Date
1 1.0.3
  • Feature: Dedicated Vendor Page along with google map API
  • Feature: Google Calendar API
  • Feature: Currency Convertor Setting
  • Feature: Currency Format Setting
  • Feature: Lazy loading on Front Website
  • Feature: Office leave Setting
  • Feature: Maximum Booking per day and per time slot
  • Feature: CRON job to notify customers about their bookings
  • Feature Improvement: Multi Tax Option
  • Feature Improvement: Superadmin Dashboard widgets and Reports
  • Feature Improvement: Test Mail Option
  • Feature Improvement: Theme Color Reset Option
  • Feature Improvement: Front slider improvements
  • Feature Improvement: Duplicate deal option
  • Feature Improvement: Settings for Front site title and favicon image
  • Fix: General Bugs fixes
12 Jul, 2021
2 1.0.2
  • Feature: Sticky Menu
  • Feature: Give option to set maximum booking for a day
  • Fix: change admin's default configurations.
  • Fix: On location delete, show modal having details message about what things will be deleted
  • Fix: Responsive problem
  • Fix: If location is disabled, it should also disable related services and deals
  • Fix: Rupee symbol having font issue in frontend
  • Feature: Add theme color setting
  • Fix: Give settings for title and favicon image
  • Other Bug Fixes
25 May, 2021
3 1.0.1
  • Fix: verification
17 May, 2021
4 1.0.0
  • First Release
27 Apr, 2021